Last year, we had 156 transactions, $35.7 million in sales and $1+ million in GCI. I would attribute that [that success] to Sierra and us using the system. I'm extremely pleased [with Sierra], especially the nudges that the system automatically does in order to make buyers and sellers raise their hand and indicate they're ready.

In the last few quarters of last year, we generated almost 700 seller leads from our Google PPC campaign. We’ve tripled our closings from PPC with the higher volume, lower quality lead generation strategies. That’s the direction we want to move in, and we know we’re on the right track with Sierra.

Switching to Sierra Interactive was the best business decision I have ever made for my team. We love having the option to send texts, emails, voicemails, and on-site messages. Sierra integrates smoothly with our MLS to ensure our clients get up-to-date properties immediately. I highly recommend their services!